Sunday, March 31, 2013

INCARNIS - "Castigation" demo #2 (1992)

Kängnäve — The Return Of Laziness and Evil

Phew! It took a long time but I finally entered the 21st century digital age. Got the right cable, hooked up the stereo to the computer, and figured out how to use Audacity. Ladies and gents, time to dust and digitize the old cassette collection! I'll start with Incarnis, an early '90s demo-only death metal band from Virginia Beach, VA, USA who I used to write to (just noticed my name in the thanks list!) This is their second tape, recorded back in May 1992. Too bad this band never made it to vinyl, they were good. Not sure why or how this survived my cassette purge of the '90s, but I'm glad it did.

Every upload on here will be ripped at 320 kbps from my own collection. If you happen to be a (former) band member and want a link/post removed, just get in touch and I'll comply.


the wizard said...

1) this rules.
2) welcome back, we've missed you.

Akerbeltz said...

Aw, thanks Robert. Hope you enjoy the new incarnation of this blog.