Sunday, October 20, 2013

D.S.B. - "10 Raw Tracks" Demo (Japan, 2008)

A ten song affair released for Tokyo's D.S.B. 2008 European tour. Most songs are not excusive to this release and alternate versions can be found on their records, but this is a different recording so it's still an interesting document I guess. Got to see them twice on that tour and they were raging. Funny thing is I bumped into their drummer Eiji three years later at a show in Yokohama, Japan, and first thing he did was thanking me for letting him borrow my cymbals when we opened for them in France... 3 years earlier! That was so cute. He opened an all vegetarian falafel joint in Tokyo called Vespera (which is also the name of his current band), so make sure you hit it if you happen to visit Japan. But I digress… No need to introduce D.S.B., they were a seminal Japanese hardcore bands for over two decades, with a string of releases behind their belts ranging from solid to totally awesome. When digitizing the tape I realized that side B has a fairly better sound quality than side A. Not sure if all copies are like that, but hope you enjoy anyway. Radical Fight Back!

D.S.B. - 10 Raw Tracks Demo (Japan, 2008)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GENITAL DEFORMITIES - "Profession Of Violence" demo (UK, 199?)

Unlike the name suggests, Genital Deformities is far removed from a Carcass-like gore grind combo. Not sure exactly when this demo was recorded/released but I somewhat remember getting it in the mail circa 1990, or maybe '92, though this is a rough guess. Hazy memory doesn't get better with age. I'm pretty sure it follows the "Shag Nasty" LP, and it is also heaps more appealing if you ask me. It's dirty, grinding (not in a "blast beat" grind way though), political, guttural metallic crust/punk, the way only Brits know how to churn it out. Mandatory anti-Poll Tax song included! Not sure who these guys were but there was at least one Excrement Of War member involved. This tape was reissued a couple of years later on vinyl as a split LP with Nuclear Death (the Polish one, not Lori Bravo's infamous pioneering US death metal band). Do yourself a favor and check it out if you like your crust punk ugly and metal ridden… I know I do, and this bloody little ripper has been a personal favorite for over two decades.

GENITAL DEFORMITIES - Profession Of Violence demo (UK, 199?)

Monday, October 14, 2013

GODZILLA - "Victim" demo (France, 1996)

As promised a while ago, here's the very first 4-song demo tape by Godzilla, the early death metal incarnation of the band now known as Gojira. Already heavy on the ("Human"-era) Death influence. Not much to add to my other entry about the band, except my underground minute of fame was helping them lay out this demo cover at the time. The right chanel sound level is pretty low on the first two songs, my tape is like that and I'm way too technologically retarded to figure out how to fix it. Sorry.

GODZILLA - Victim demo (France, 1996)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fixed links

There were a couple of dead links so I re-upped the missing files (i.e Boston Strangler, Lawless, and Semen demos). But to my greatest dismay, I couldn't fix discs 9, 10 and 11 of the Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock boxset — all of which had corrupted tracks. It looks like my copies of the CDRs are damaged as my computer won't extract those songs. My deepest apologies for this.

Monday, September 16, 2013

HIATUS / HEALTH HAZARD - "Don't Think With Your Dick…" split live tape (Belgium/UK, 1994)

Two of the most popular '90s "Euro crust" bands gathered on one tape, both recorded live in the South-West of France in 1993-94 and released by Utopia Tapes, a cassette label run by Fred a.k.a "Tony", also drummer for Enola Gay, Vomit Yourself, and Disbeer. I got the opportunity to see both bands on stage at the time and they were super solid, as those recordings can attest. The Hiatus side was recorded in Auch on August 17th 1993 and the sound quality is excellent. Soundboard recording. I really had a soft spot for this band, they always killed it live and were our own French-speaking, heavy drinking, continental answer to Doom. Talking of which, the tape ends with Hiatus' hilarious studio rendition of Doom's "Relief" taken from the split 7" shared by both bands. The Health Hazard side has a much rougher audience recording (Toulouse on February 22nd 1994) but is still totally listenable. The UK band logo was (and still is) on a lot of patches and shirts, for good reason. Blazing fast thrash/crust with raging female vocals. Ex and future members of just about every band in the UK ever, an attempt at a family tree would give even the most die-hard genealogist a headache within minutes. There's also the Not Just A Nightmare EP as bonus material to top it all off. The tape came with a really cool booklet featuring lyrics, pictures, collages… They don't make them like this anymore.

HIATUS / HEALTH HAZARD - Don't Think With Your Dick… split live tape (Belgium/UK, 1994)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DESPERDICIO - "Maqueta 2010" demo (Japan, 2010)

Japanese punks master the art of paying tribute to their favorite bands from far away lands. We've all heard bands ape the Finnish (Poikkeus, Lakaus…), Swedish (Frigorä, Ferocious X…), Italian (Tantrum, Isterismo…) and of course UK sound, singing in broken languages they don't really speak at all. And I'm in no way blaming them: many more non-anglo saxon bands are guilty of this when they sing in English, mind you. Desperdicio hail from Sendai, a city hit really badly by the 2011 tsunami, and you can tell they're trying to emulate the "ramshackle d-beat" sound of more recent Spanish bands like Destrucción, Firmeza 10, Semen… Though when I asked him, their sempai singer Tsuyoshi confirmed that he didn't speak a word of Spanish. I saw them live in Tsuyama less than two months after the March 2011 tragedy, and they had insisted on driving 15 or so hours just to play this show, even if everybody was still in shock. Only in Japan! This is a short tape, only 4 songs including a Varukers cover. They released a 7" on Overthrow Records shortly afterwards.

DESPERDICIO - Maqueta 2010 demo (Japan, 2010)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

TOXIK TRASH - Promo tape (France, 1990)

Toxik Trash was a late '80s thrash/grindcore band from Brittany that released a couple of tapes and, if memory serves right, had a song on one of the later 1984 compilation LP series on New Wave Records. By the time this (third?) demo came out, it seems they were already heading for a more death metal sound, but I don't think any recording from that era exists. Nothing groundbreaking on this 12 song effort, but there were so few bands playing that style in France at the time that it deserves to be documented, I guess.

TOXIK TRASH - Promo tape (France, 1990)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Le Retour de Crème d'Enklüme et du Yaourt Pliable" - Radio show (France, 1988)

This is a 1988 radio show by one of my earliest pen pals, Laurent of the infamous Roger Mag (who might be better known by internerds as the main man behind the Church Of Zer music blog) back when he was still living in France. The hilarious and totally absurd chit-chat is in French but non-French speakers may enjoy the excellent set list.

En français du coup, car seuls les francophones seront à même de saisir la subtilité de l'humour absurde et décalé de Laurent, animateur de cette émission radio grenobloise datant de février 1988 à l'intitulé énigmatique, Le Retour de Crème d'Enklüme et du Yaourt Pliable, dans la fidèle lignée de son zine Roger Mag, de ses groupes de l'époque Eat Yourself et Ovorof, ou de sa désormais légendaire participation au jeu télévisé Tournez Manège. Les morceaux ne sont pas toujours annoncés, j'ai reconstitué la playlist de l'émission du mieux que j'ai pu à partir de mes propres connaissances et archives… vous n'êtes donc pas à l'abri de quelques approximations, ce dont je m'excuse bien platement. Notez une sélection plutôt pointue et de très bon goût pour une émission française de cette époque ! Laurent vit depuis pas mal d'années chez les cousins Québecois, d'où il anime le blog musical Church Of Zer que je ne peux que vous recommander.

The radio show playlist:

Part 1:
Napalm Death - The Kill
Heresy - Nausea
Zyklome A - Angry Faces
Agnostic Front - Hypocrisy
Satanic Malfunctions - Mosheriphia
Sudden Death - Blackflash
B.G.K. - Pencil Pusher
Fear Of God - ?
Desecration (AZ) - Time To Grow Up
Subverse - 101%
S.O.B. - Give Me Advice
X-Creta - Destructive Outfit
Adrenalin OD - Fuck The Neighbors
Heresy - Network Of Friends

Part 2:
Corrosion Of Conformity - Indifferent (live)
Impulse Manslaughter - Sedation
Neos - Ambitious
Ludichrist - Immaculate Deception
Protes Bengt - Radioaktiv
Wehrmacht - Suck My Dick
Atavistic - Perpetual Motion
Napalm Death - Deceiver
Sons Of Ishmael - Mystery Bonus Track
Negative FX - Punch In The Face
Deathnoise - No Society
Post Mortem - Run Amok
Mutilator (FR) - Wish My Death
Negative Gain - Psychic Hours
Gang Green - Narrow Mind

Le Retour de Crème d'Enklüme et du Yaourt Pliable - Radio show (1988)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A little more than a decade ago my friend Raf visited Donna Lee Parsons a.k.a Daze in Switzerland where she had relocated, and somehow showed her the Ratcage Records mock logo I had designed on one of my early releases on Ratbone Records. She wrote a very nice email out of the blue saying she loved the tribute, and that's how we started corresponding with each other, eventually swapping a few records and emails until she passed away in 2003 from cancer. Before she underwent gender surgery in the early '00s, Daze was better known as Dave, former head of the legendary New York label (and former store) Ratcage Records and editor of Mouth Of The Rat zine as early as the late '70s. He released a few incredible and timeless records, some of which really had an impact on me growing up – Agnostic Front Victim In Pain LP, Beastie Boys Pollywog Stew 7", Rattus s/t LP, Neos Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze 7"… He was also a talented artist and designer, whose most famous piece of art must be the legendary cover for the Bad Brains cassette album on ROIR! Yes, that was him/her behind the Mir* avatar too!

In 2002 Daze released this limited edition handmade CDR boxset, the recording of a show (s)he booked at CBGB back in November 1982 starring Reagan Youth, (hardcore era) Beastie Boys, and The Young And The Useless (featuring Beastie Boys' own Adam Horovitz). A raw documentation of the show, as depicted in the liner notes: "We have edited out nothing from the three sets, nor have we re-equalized, compressed, added reverb, or reprocessed these original recordings in any way. We taped the mix directly from the soundboard: the listener hears the signal exactly as it went to the CBGB PA system that afternoon." In that spirit, I ripped the CDs the way they were done: one long track for each band. I included a text file with tracklist info in the folder though.

RIP Donna/Daze/Dave.

Monday, June 24, 2013

DEATHLESS BASTARDS - Demo (France, 2012)

Straight out of Brittany and featuring former/current members of Warkorpse and Necrowretch among others, Deathless Bastards play rocking speed metal punk that has Motörhead written all over it – loud, crusty, heavy and metallic. The sick riffing on the last track reminds me of good ol' Acid (Belgium), but this should also appeal to Inepsy and Midnight fans. Really catchy stuff, looking forward to hearing more from this band! The cassette should still be available from Impious Desecration so support them and order a hard copy if you liked it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - "Without Remorse" demo (UK, 1993)

Extinction Of Mankind don't really need an introduction, do they? Anarcho metallic crust punk from the UK heavily influenced by Antisect as the lettering/artwork suggests. They must have quite a massive discography by now. Saw them live a couple of times in the mid '90s but they never appealed to me much I'm afraid… This is their first recording, a lengthy 10-track tape that reeks of cider breath and filthy black rags. I've seen a different version of this tape with an alternate cover so I'm guessing it had been reissued at some point, but I got this copy straight from the band upon its release so I guess it's as authentic as you can get.

Friday, June 21, 2013

LEBENDEN TOTEN - 8 Tracks Demo (USA, 2002)

I don't think I need to hear another single "noise punk" band at this point in my life. Call me old or jaded, but this subgenre has gotten so redundant and sterile it's probably the "screamo" of the '10s and it's only a matter of months before that shit floods second hand bins. I love noise and feedback as much as anyone, but I also need riffs, hooks, and song structures in my punk. Lebenden Toten is one of the very, very few bands of the genre I can hang with, even though they really started to shine later on in their career (I suggest checking out their 2nd LP and 8" first thing if you've never heard them.) They hadn't really found their trademark style on this demo yet – even Chanel's vocals sound pretty different from the distinctive singing style she's known for. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

HEATHEN HOOF - Promo demo (Finland, 2004)

Heathen Hoof is a Finnish retro metal band paying tribute to the NWOBHM with rough vocals bordering on oi!/punk at times, which may not work for some people. Nothing too fancy or epic musically either, this is  stripped down old fashioned rocking heavy metal that actually sounds like it could've been recorded in rural Wankceisterborough UK in 1980. The first 4 songs were recorded in February 2004, the last 3 in August 2002. They released a 12" EP on Nuclear War Now! in 2005 that shows an improvement over this tape, but I yet have to listen to their more recent full-length LP.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

無我 [MUGA] - "修羅の道 [The Road Of Asura]" demo (Japan, 2004)

Not surprisingly, Muga is pretty much the continuation of Result, who they shared members with (there's a CFDL connection as well though they're musically quite different). If you've heard the Result album, you know they sounded somewhere between heavy 90s UK crust and Tragedy before Tragedy even released their debut LP. This 3-song cassette came out 2 years after the Muga's debut album, which is their only other release I'm familiar with. I believe they later released a split CD and a second full-length CD. Moody "crust de salon" done better than most Europeans aping the style.

Monday, June 17, 2013

DOOMSTONE - "Possessed Cemeteries" demo (USA, 1991)

I've always thought this Doomstone demo never got the recognition it deserved. Coming out right at the peak of the death metal explosion in 1991, it didn't meet many of the style criterias of the era: no Sunlight or Morrisound-like production, no super fast beats, no gore-drenched lyrics… And humorous stage names like Keeper Of The Brazilian Death Metal Albums (bass) or Cross-Turner Upside-Downer (drums) kept them from being lumped with the super serious Satanic panic to come (read: second wave black metal). Even though the vocals are deep and brutal as all hell, you can tell Doomstone's influences were firmly rooted in '80s (and even '70s) heavy metal culture. Not exactly surprising when you know the band shared two members with the excellent veteran death/thrash band Deceased. The first Doomstone album came out 3 years later but I had pretty much lost interest in death metal at that point so I can't even comment on that one. [Update: I got my hands on last year's vinyl reissue of the first Doomstone CD and I'm glad I did, it's every bit as excellent as the demo. Released by To The Death Records from Sweden. Get it!]

Sunday, June 16, 2013

SUICIDE BOMB - Demo (USA, 2009)

This was sent to me a couple of years ago by Robert of the almighty Terminal Escape blog, who you may also know as a member of No Statik, Conquest For Death, What Happens Next?, Artimus Pyle, etc. He was in Suicide Bomb together with Will (Born/Dead, Desolation, Red Dons…) but that's about all I know. The tape says the band only lasted 3 months but I wish they'd done more as this 5-song affair is excellent. Catchy old school US hardcore with its share of mid-paced ragers and great raw but tuneful vocals. I wish the cover had lyrics printed so I could sing along. Impressive little cassette!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

KONTEMPT - "The End Of The Destructor" demo (Canada, 2004)

The Kontempt 7" released on The Total End Records in 2006 survived a few record purges over the years at the Kängnäve HQ with its brand of brutal and downtuned Swedish-style hardcore. Hailing from Montréal, Canada, they also released this 9-song tape a couple of years prior with a slightly different line-up – the most noticeable difference being the vocal duties on this demo handled by Chany of Inepsy fame! I'll admit to liking the 7" more, but the tape is worth a listen anyway.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 (Part 3/3)

Last but not least, here's the final part of the CD-R boxset (discs 9 to 12).
Check out the previous discs here: [ Part 1: discs 1 to 4 ] [ Part 2: discs 5 to 8 ]

[October 2013 update: to my greatest dismay, I couldn't fix discs 9, 10 and 11 — all of which have corrupted tracks. It looks like my copies of the CDRs are damaged as my computer won't extract those songs. My deepest apologies for this.]

Disc 9 - [ download here ]

1. Berlin - The Metro (USA, 1982)
2. Poles - C.N. Tower (Canada, 1977)
3. Kuolleet Kukat - Vihollinen On Systeemi (Finland, 1984)
4. Joyce McKinney Experience - Armchair Critic (England, 1989)
5. VKTMS - Hard Case (USA, 1979)
6. ゴメス (Gomess) - 地獄へ (Japan, 1986)
7. Charol - Sin Dinero (Spain, 1980)
8. Tragics (a.k.a Misfits) - Mommi I'm A Misfit (USA, 1981)
9. Kandeggina Gang - Sono Cattiva (Italy, 1980)
10. Jingo De Lunch - What You See (Germany, 1987)
11. Vermilion - Angry Young Women (England, 1978)
12. The Maggots - (Let's Get, Let's Get) Tammy Wynette (USA, 1979)
13. Brain Death - Personal Affair (Japan, 1987)
14. Squits - Porno Pirate (Netherlands, 1982)
15. Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Staircase (Mystery) (England, 1979)
16. Unwarranted Trust - Honour's Calling (Canada, 1984)
17. Bulimia Banquet - Scientology Sucks (USA, 1988)
18. Nurse - ナ-ス (Japan, 1983)
19. Secta Suicida Siglo 20 - Virginidad Sacudida (Mexico, 1989)
20. Castration Squad - The X Girlfriend (USA, 1979)
21. Jo Squillo Eletrix - Skizzo Skizzo (Italy, 1981)
22. A5 - Reeperbahn (Germany, 1980)
23. Manufactured Romance - You (England, 1980)
24. Frigidettes - Turmoil (USA, 1982)
25. Capitalist Alienation - Nuclear Trash (Canada, 1987)
26. Sperma - Please Love Me Tonight (Japan, 1985)
27. Mystery Girls - Ego (USA, 1983)
28. Exeroica - Del Apocalipsis (Argentina, 1988)
29. Partners In Crime - I Wanna Drive You (USA, 1984)
30. Dawn Patrol - What My Gonna Do (With Me) (England, 1981)
31. Maps - My Eyes Are Burning (USA, 1979)

Disc 10 - [ download here ]

1. Neo Boys - Never Comes Down (USA, 1980)
2. New Walls - No Creation!? (Japan, 1985)
3. Gymslips - Miss Nunsweeta (England, 1982)
4. Loud Warning - Loud Warning (Netherlands, 1986)
5. Vs. - Magnetic Hearts (USA, 1980)
6. Turncoats - Waste Of Time (England, 1987)
7. Agonia - [Unknown title] (Italy, 1985)
8. Demented - Back To The Bed (USA, 1982)
9. PVC - Galehus (Norway, 1980)
10. Girls At Our Best! - Warm Girls (England, 1980)
11. Wilma & The Wilbers - Chronic Alkie (USA, 1980)
12. Cringe - Secretary Spread (USA, 1981)
13. Detectors - La Ciutat No Es Per Mi (Spain, 1987)
14. Suburban Lawns - Gidget Goes To Hell (USA, 1979)
15. Red Scare - Streetlife (USA, 1982)
16. Sofa Head - Invitation To Dinner (England, 1989)
17. 45 Grave - Black Cross (USA, 1980)
18. Plasmatics - Dream Lover (USA, 1979)
19. Not Moving - Behind Your Pale Face (Italy, 1983)
20. Enemy - Want Me (USA, 1978)
21. Potential Threat - Animal Abuse (England, 1982)
22. Anti-Scrunti Faction - Slave To My Estrogen (USA, 1985)
23. Legal Weapon - Hostility (USA, 1981)
24. OXZ - Be Run Down (Japan, 1984)
25. Shivvers - Teen Line (USA, 1980)
26. Donkeys - Wacky Acky I Aye (England, 1978-82)
27. Wrecks - Punk Is An Attitude (USA, 1982)
28. La Souris Déglinguée - Marie France (France, 1983)
29. SST - Autistic (USA, 1977)
30. Anti/Dogmatikss - Estado De Caos (demo) (Spain, 1983)

Disc 11 - [ download here ]

1. Abwärts - Bel Ami (Germany, 1980)
2. Even Worse - Illusion Won Again (USA, 1981)
3. F.U.A.L. - Freedom Under Animal Liberation (Northern Ireland, 1989)
4. Nena - Nur Geträumt (Germany, 1983)
5. Gruftrosen - Mörder Von Gestern (Austria, 1985)
6. Sledgehammer - Paramilitary Recruits (Northern Ireland, 1988-ish)
7. Deutscher Abschaum - The German Superman (Germany, 1984)
8. Family Fodder - Debbie Harry (England, 1980)
9. Pink Turds In Space - Eastenders (Northern Ireland, 1988)
10. Die Mimmi's - Mc Donald (Germany, 1984)
11. No-Song Kutkotz - Telegram (Netherlands, 1984)
12. Ratos De Porão - Nao Me Importo (live) (Brazil, 1985)
13. Martina + Part Time Punx - Mehr Von Dir (Germany, 1987)
14. Frightwig - Only You (USA, 1984)
15. Big In Japan - Big In Japan (England, 1977)
16. Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis - Jung Kaputt Spart Alterscheime (Germany, 1980)
17. Mood Of Defiance - American Love Song (USA, 1983)
18. Virgin Rocks - Get Along With You (Japan, 1987)
19. Ana Hausen - Professionals (England, 1981)
20. Métal Boys - New Malden (France, 1980)
21. Red Cross - Standing In Front Of Poseur (USA, 1980)
22. Dolly Mixture - Been Teen (England, 1981)
23. Morbid Opera - White Flag (USA, 1983)
24. Chin-Chin - We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners (Switzerland, 1984)
25. Lovedolls - Now That I've Tasted Blood (USA, 1986)
26. Compos Mentis - Confused (New Zealand, 1985-ish)
27. Hysteria - Silent Hate (England, 1984)

Disc 12 - [ download here ]

1. Pervers - Asozial (Germany, 1984)
2. Hugh Beaumont Experience - Moo (USA, 1983)
3. Inocentes with Meire - Ri Dos Hippies (Brazil, 1984)
4. Ruggedy Annes - Hollow Heroes (Canada, 1985)
5. Blowdriers - Berkeley Farms (USA, 1979)
6. Rap - Accident (Japan, 1985)
7. Decadent - Opposition Proposition (USA, 1982)
8. Warriors - Born To Ride (Japan, 1987)
9. Bambix - Little Miss Sunshine (Netherlands, 1989)
10. Super Heroines - Death On The Elevator (USA, 1981)
11. Cherry Vanilla - The Punk (England, 1977)
12. Hari-Kari - Prey For Peace (USA, 1983)
13. Kleenex - Ü (Switzerland, 1979)
14. Chute De Esperma - No Keremos (Spain, 1984)
15. Revo - Fuck The School (Netherlands, 1980)
16. The Fall - Hotel Blôedel (England, 1983)
17. Der Riß - Images (Germany, 1985)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 (Part 2/3)

Here are discs 5 to 8 of the infamous CD-R boxset.
Check out the other ones here: [ Part 1: discs 1 to 4 ] [ Part 3: discs 9 to 12 ]

Disc 5 - [ download here ]

1. Crass - Where Next Columbus? (England, 1981)
2. A.P.P.L.E. - If In Heaven (USA, 1985)
3. Sleeping Dogs - (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador (USA/England, 1982)
4. Asbest - Family Care (Netherlands, 1982)
5. FFF - Arbeit Macht Dumm (Germany, 1986)
6. Gas - World Peace (Japan, 1985)
7. Les Calamités - Toutes Les Nuits (France, 1984)
8. Mother's Ruin - Godzilla (Switzerland, 1979)
9. Toxic Waste - Traditionally Yours (Northern Ireland, 1985)
10. The Ex - Lied Der Steinklopfer (Netherlands, 1989)
11. NBJ - Dead Porker (USA, 1982)
12. Doll - Trash (England, 1978)
13. ST-37 - Unknown Soldier (Germany, 1985)
14. Jetset - Tot Hier En Niet Verder (Netherlands, 1982)
15. Fega Påhopp - Hålla Masken (Sweden, 1980)
16. Alma Y Los Cadáveres - Confidencias de Nutrexpa (Spain, 1982)
17. Da Stupids - Alien (USA, 198?)
18. Essential Logic - Quality Crayon Wax OK (England, 1979)
19. Beardsley - Summer Holiday (Japan, 1986)
20. Lärm - Pigeon (Netherlands, 1982)
21. Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows (England, 1978)
22. Sin 34 - Not (USA, 1983)
23. Vice Squad - Latex Love (England, 1980)
24. Lord Eva Braun - Week-End à Blois (France, 1989)
25. Ätztussis - Bullen (Germany, 1980)
26. Falange - Falange Suburbana (Brazil, 1988)
27. Bags - Survive (USA, 1978)

Disc 6 - [ download here ]

1. Conflict - The Guilt And The Glory (England, 1982)
2. Putrid Girls - 1234 (USA, 1983)
3. Nog Watt - Going On (Netherlands, 1984)
4. Suburban Reptiles - 45 Single (New Zealand, 1978)
5. Lost Kids - Alle Taler (Denmark, 1979)
6. Edith Nylon - Edith Nylon (France, 1979)
7. Expelled - No Life, No Future (England, 1982)
8. Tollwut - Seuchen (Germany, 1981)
9. Blondie - Youth Nabbed As Sniper (USA, 1977)
10. Wartburgs Für Walter - More More Anymore (East Germany, 1989)
11. Ref - Soda Bikarbona (Yugoslavia, 1982-86)
12. Chumbawamba - beginning To Take It Back (England, 1986)
13. Mizz Nobody - Smittad (Sweden, 1978)
14. Platzangst - It's A Light (Germany, 1983)
15. The Pogues - I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day (Ireland, 1985)
16. St. Vitus Dancers - The Survivor (England, 1982)
17. Mary Monday & The Bitches - I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie (USA, 1977)
18. DZK - Juventude (Brazil, 1988)
19. Cocadictos - Juan Pablo II Y Amigos (Spain, 1983-84)
20. K.U.K.L. - Dismembered (Iceland, 1984)
21. Petticoats - Allergy (England, 1980)
22. Kalashnikov - Ødelæg Og Hærg (Denmark, 1984)
23. No Thanks - Fuck Everything (USA, 1983)
24. Indirekt - Shell Helpt (Netherlands, 1985)
25. Namenlos - Nazis (East Germany, 1984)
26. UXA - No Time (USA, 1980)
27. Peggy Luxbeurk - Sueur Froide (France, 1982)
28. Flere Døde Pansere - Midedød (Denmark, 1983)

Disc 7 - [ download here ]

1. Toxic Shock - Remote Control (England, 1984)
2. Toxic Shock - Riot Riot Riot (USA, 1982)
3. Zelda - [Japanese Title] (Japan, 1981)
4. Total Chaoz - Oh Beatrix (Netherlands, 1981)
5. ZOI - Psaulme 1 (France, 1986)
6. Tozibabe - Moja Praznina (Yugoslavia, 1985)
7. Xmal Deutschland - Qual (Germany, 1983)
8. Ghost Walks - Fallen Angel (USA, 1985)
9. Life In The Fridge Exists - Have You Checked The Children? (New Zealand, 1980)
10. X - Nausea (USA, 1980)
11. Sacrilege - Dig Your Own Grave (England, 1985)
12. Combat Not Conform - Keep Your Head (Germany, 1985)
13. Typhus - ノータッチ (Japan, 1980)
14. Foreign Legion - Trenchline (Wales, 1986)
15. Rough Cut - Danger Boy (USA, 1981)
16. Ludus - Mother's Hour (England, 1981)
17. The Bastards - Impossibilities (Switzerland, 1978)
18. Rutto - Paha, Kuolema (Finland, 1983)
19. Nikki Corvette - Young & Crazy (USA, 1977)
20. Photos - Skateboard (England, 1980)
21. Last Few - Suicide Commando (Netherlands, 1983)
22. Tyranna - Back Off Baby (Canada, 1980)
23. Screaming Sneakers - Violent Days (USA, 1982)
24. Poison Girls - Statement (England, 1982)
25. Verdun - Günther (France, 1988)
26. Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt (USA, 1979)
27. Bow Wow Wow - C30, C60, C90, Go (England, 1980)
28. Götterflies - Empty (Netherlands, 1981)

Disc 8 - [ download here ]

1. Post Mortem - The Casualty (England, 1985)
2. Antischism - Evil God (demo) (USA, 1989)
3. Wrong Kind Of Stone Age - Run Amok (Australia, 1984)
4. The Puke - Happy Family (Netherlands, 1981)
5. Teddy & The Frat Girls - Clubnite (USA, 1980)
6. Questions - Take A Ride (France, 1980)
7. 無理心中 (Muri Shinjuu) - 子宮 (Live) (Japan, 1980-82)
8. Rubella Ballet - Something To Give (England, 1982)
9. Die Tödliche Doris - Kavaliere (Germany, 1982)
10. Los Microwaves - Time To Get Up (USA, 1981)
11. Extrém Exém - Eget Liv (Sweden, 1982)
12. Icon A.D. - Fight For Peace (England, 1982)
13. Dago Wops - Big Mac (Germany, 1981)
14. 8-Eyed Spy - Diddy Wah Diddy (USA, 1980)
15. Indian Dream - Insult To Injury (England, 1985)
16. Destroy All Monsters - Bored (USA, 1978)
17. Bluttat - Flying Into Heaven's Door (Germany, 1985)
18. Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home (England, 1979)
19. Afrika Korps - Buzz Stomp (USA, 1977)
20. M'n'M's - I'm Tired (USA, 1980)
21. キャ→ (Kyah!) - Slapdash (Japan, 1985)
22. Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Less Of Me (USA, 1978)
23. Dog Faced Hermans - Balloon Girl (Scotland/Netherlands, 1987)
24. Mydolls- Soldiers Of A Pure War (USA, 1983)
25. Gash - Gash Trash (Australia, 1986)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 (Part 1/3)

When I revamped this blog a while ago, all old posts were deleted, including the very popular A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 compilation downloads. I believe most links were dead anyway, but since people have been emailing me about it, I'll re-post it by popular demand. This is part 1 of 3, including the first 4 CDs. By the way, Vincenzo, where are you these days?

[ Part 2: discs 5 to 8 ] [ Part 3: discs 9 to 12 ]

This is a pretty insane project put together by my pal Vince B. from San Francisco a few years back. As the title indicates, this is a homemade 12 x CD-R (!) compilation of punk bands fronted by female vocalists from 1977 to 1989. More like a giant mixtape than a compilation, as he only made 36 copies which he sent to friends and people who submitted material. You may notice that some of the bands didn’t have a steady female vocalist (The Lewd, etc.) but he still included songs that were sung by another member of the band. This is as international as it gets, with stuff ranging from world famous Blondie or Crass to the most obscure Eastern European cassette compilation veterans. The boxset came packaged in a handnumbered fancy translucent lunchbox enclosing all 12 CD-Rs, a stack of full-colored cards featuring comprehensive tracklist and artwork/info, as well as a manga pin-up figure! Talk about a labor of love.

Disc 1 - [ download here ]

1. Blutsturz – Schweigen (Demo) (Germany, 198?)
2. Penetration – Money Talks (England, 1977)
3. Pyhäkoulu – Painajainen (Finland, 1986)
4. VulpeSS – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra (Spain, 1983)
5. The Comes – Panic (Japan, 1984)
6. Suicide Squad – New Kids Army (Australia, 1980)
7. Rivolta Dell’Odio – Altari Del Terrore (Italy, 1984)
8. Sick Things – Anti-Social Disease (England, 1977)
9. Accident (a.k.a Accidents) – True Detective (USA, 1979)
10. Dishrags – I Don’t Love You (Canada, 1979)
11. Último Resorte – Hogar, Dulce Hogar (Demo) (Spain, 1981)
12. The Fastbacks – Someone Else’s Room (USA, 1981)
13. Anorexia – Rapist In The Park (England, 1980)
14. Phobia – Pretend You’re Not Crazy (USA, 1978)
15. Androids Of Mu – Bored Housewives (England, 1981)
16. Sort Sol (With Lydia Lunch) – Boy-Girl (Denmark/USA, 1983)
17. Tappi Tikarrass – Skrid (Iceland, 1984)
18. Flowers – After Dark (Scotland, 1979)
19. The Rentals – I Got A Crush On You (USA, 1979)
20. Pariapunk – Double Face (France, 1987)
21. Amsterdamned – Traditie Amme Balle (Netherlands, 1982)
22. Dr. Zeke – Vild I Skogen (Sweden, 1979)
23. The Lewd – Magnetic Heart (USA, 1982)
24. Au Pairs – Kerb Crawler (England, 1980)
25. Mo-Dettes – White Mice (USA/Switzerland/England, 1979)
26. Stripes – Weekend Love (Germany, 1980)
27. Violators – The Fugitive (England, 1980)

Disc 2 - [ download here ]

1. Schund - Schund (Austria, 1982)
2. Wunderbach - Raya (France, 1982)
3. Total Muzak - Någonstans I Sta'n (Sweden, 1980)
4. Liliput - Hitch-Hike (Switzerland, 1980)
5. NJF - Sitting!! Pretty (Canada, 1984)
6. S.I.B. - Listless (Italy, 1981)
7. Manisch Depressiv - Zeitmaschine 1 (Switzerland, 1983)
8. Sheena & The Rokkets - Omae Ga Hoshii (One More Time) (Japan, 1979)
9. Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack (Scotland, 1978)
10. Sado-Nation - Messed Up Mixed Up (USA, 1982)
11. Lucrate Milk - Fucking Pacifist (France, 1983)
12. Dan - Lust Is Greed (England, 1987)
13. Nasty Facts - Drive My Car (USA, 1981)
14. Life Cycle - Indifference (Wales, 1988)
15. Livin' Sacrifice - Mentalsjuk (Sweden, 1981)
16. The Brat - Attitudes (USA, 1980)
17. Non Band - Ducan Dancin' (Japan, 1982)
18. Bizkids - VIPs (Netherlands, 1980)
19. Minus Cway - Gdje Me Vjetar Odnese (Yugolsavia, 1982-88)
20. The Rats - Broken Wire Telephone (USA, 1983)
21. Anouschka & Les Privés - Contrôle (France, 1980)
22. Slits - Vindictive (England, 1977)
23. ICA - Untitled (Netherlands, 1981)
24. Trash - Peace Of What (USA, 1984)
25. Boys Boys - Monley Monkey (Japan, 1980)
26. Honey Bane - Girl On The Run (England, 1979)
27. TNT - Razzia (Switzerland, 1981)
28. Nuns - Wild (USA, 1980)
29. Electric Deads - 30 Years (Denmark, 1982)
30. Conflict - Who Will (USA, 1984)
31. Atims - Women (Netherlands, 1982)

Disc 3 - [ download here ]

1. Hans-A-Plast - Polizeiknüppel (Germany, 1979)
2. Usch - LTO (Sweden, 1979)
3. Desechables - El Asesino (Spain, 1984)
4. Ici Paris - Le Centre Du Monde (France, 1980)
5. Action Pact - Suicide Bag (England, 1982)
6. Invaders - Backstreet Romeo (England, 1980)
7. Lepers - Flipout (USA, 1979)
8. Franti - Vento Rosso (Italy, 1983)
9. Out On Blue 6 - Examples (England, 1981)
10. Mr. Kite - Exit B9 (Japan, 1978)
11. De Zweetkutten - Atoomgeweld (Netherlands, 1981)
12. Ideal - Berlin (Germany, 1980)
13. Holly And The Italians - I Wanna Go Home (USA, 1981)
14. Modesty - Kad Srce Radi Bi Bam (Yugoslavia, 1982-88)
15. Delta 5 - Anticipation (England, 1980)
16. Beex - He Obliterates Me (USA, 1981)
17. Kaltwetterfront - Revolverheld (Germany, 1982)
18. Hydra - Ombre (Italy, 1985)
19. Vacum - Är Ungdomar Människor? (Sweden, 1980)
20. Nixe - Man Under My Bed (Netherlands, 1981)
21. Alternative - Seen Through Tear-Filled Eyes (Scotland, 1984)
22. Schematix - Nothing Special (USA, 1980)
23. Eyes - Don't Talk To Me (USA, 1978)
24. Russians - Anything She Wants (England, 1980)
25. Kontrola W. - Manekiny (Poland, 1982/1998)

Disc 4 - [ download here ]

1. Kizza Ping - Den Nya (Sweden, 1982)
2. Strapaze - Tage (Germany, 1983)
3. Glueams - 365 (Switzerland, 1979)
4. Kleenex Aktiv - Hilfe (Germany, 1985)
5. XL Capris - My City Of Sydney (Australia, 1980)
6. Josie Cotton - Johnny, Are You Queer? (USA, 1981)
7. Rakketax - Van Agt (Netherlands, 1980)
8. A-Heads - No Rule (England, 1982)
9. Drustvo Prisjecavalaca Boljih Dana - Sexualna Ovisnost (Yugoslavia, 1982-88)
10. Pink Champagne - Söndagsskolehyckel (Sweden, 1980)
11. Curse - Killer Bees (Canada, 1978)
12. Flirt - Don't Push Me (USA, 1978)
13. 水玉消防団 (Mizutama Shouboudan) - 真空パック・トラベル (Japan, 1981)
14. Bizon Kidz - Godsdienstwaanzin (Netherlands, 1981)
15. X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You (England, 1978)
16. Reactors - World War Four (USA, 1980)
17. Klasse Kriminale - Construito In Italia (Italy, 1988)
18. Debils - Maso (Switzerland, 1981)
19. Plastix - Geschlechtsverkehr (Austria, 1981)
20. Avengers - Teenage Rebel (USA, 1978)
21. Hagar The Womb - Idolization (England, 1983)
22. Blitzkrieg - Szene (Germany, 1989)
23. DIRT - Hiroshima (England, 1981)
24. Disturbers - KZ Syndroom (Netherlands, 1980)
25. Andreas Dorau Und Die Marinas - Fred Vom Jupiter (Germany, 1981)
26. Pandoras - That's Your Way Out (USA, 1984)
27. Lost Cherrees - Living In A Coffin (England, 1982)
28. Learned Helplessness - Vegis (USA, 1982)
29. A-Gen-53 - Stalingrad-Stumpfsinn (Austria, 1981)

Monday, April 22, 2013

SHIT SMELL - "Wasted Life!" demo (Sweden, 1994)

This is a pretty obscure '90s Swedish fast and raw hardcore punk band I know next to nothing about. Sounds typically Swedish even though it's sung in English, and it's a little more diverse than your average d-takt / käng band — it could've been on just about any Really Fast compilation. With a name like Shit Smell and song titles like "Drunk Again", "My Dick Falling Off" or "Fuck Skinheads", don't expect super clever politically charged manifestos for lyrics… haha. Add to this a raw recording, tape hiss, and some of the ugliest and most minimal cover design ever… Aesthetes stay clear!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

MIDNIGHT - demo (Portland, 2002)

Not to be confused with the Cleveland metal band of the same name, this very Midnight was from Portland, OR and called it a day before they even got the chance to release the debut 7" that they recorded shortly after this demo. They had members of all the usual suspects and more (From Ashes Rise, Atrocious Madness, Hellshock, Warcry, Lebenden Toten, Limp Wrist…) and played catchy heavy hardcore/punk with Japanese HC and heavy metal overtones, topped off by super brutal female vocals (I didn't realize it was a girl singing until someone told me!) This 5-song tape still sounds great more than a decade later so do yourself a favor and check it out. A "discography" LP featuring this demo and the unreleased EP has been in the works for a few years, let's hope it sees the light of day soon!

Friday, April 19, 2013

GERONIMO - "A Couple Of Words For You" demo (1989)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but all I can remember about this tape is there was a member of the Danish thrash metal band Invocator involved, who I assume is the long haired dude in the Sepultura shirt on the cover. I mentioned Geronimo to some knowledgeable Copenhagen hardcore enthusiast a few years back and he had never heard of the band… Well… Not sure if they released anything besides this 20-song affair. The artwork is terrible and there's a couple of goofy moments (remember when every late 80s hardcore band had a shitty rap song?), but all in all this is high caliber, well crafted, super fast US-sounding hardcore/thrash, with sweet Dead Kennedys and Angry Samoans covers to top it all off. Very cool tape.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

BOSTON STRANGLER - "Outcast" demo (2010)

There's been a lot of Boston media coverage in the past few days for obvious reasons so this seems pretty appropriate. Boston Strangler needs no introduction, they've been quite hyped over the past couple of years, paying tribute to the old hardcore scene of the city, and doing it well — bands like SSD and DYS immediately come to mind upon listening to them. For some reason the LP didn't totally convince me, partly due to a rather sterile/clean production. The rawer production on this demo suits them much better IMHO.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MORTIFIED - "Drivel" demo (1991)

After the Kulturo live tape I posted a few days ago, here's another weird occurence from the UK. There's hardly any info to be found about Mortified on the internet, other than the fact they had at least another demo. Their music itself is hard to describe: slow, dirgy, heavy and dissonant — there's elements of doom metal, crust, industrial, noise rock, an early Godflesh / Pitch Shifter vibe maybe, a little Amebix, although this isn't a remotely accurate description. Download and judge by yourself I guess? If you happen to know more and feel like sharing info, feel free to post in the comments section below.

Monday, April 15, 2013

OTAN - "Jodeles" demo (2003)

Otan was one of those bands that helped put Barcelona back on the punk map in the mid '00s. Not that the scene over there was dying or anything, but this new breed of angry anarchist hardcore/punk bands caught the attention of many punks abroad. They released two 7"s and this 11-track demo, which may well be my favorite of the bunch. I bought it at a show in Barcelona in 2005, the same night that I met their singer Teodoro for the first time, struggling to communicate in broken Spanish. A truly unique character, this hombre! Otan has featured members of Destrucción, Invasión, Firmeza 10, or Absurdo among others.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

KULTURO - Live @ Planet X, Liverpool, 13th April 1991

I don't know much about Kulturo other than the fact they existed from 1989 to 1991 and featured two ex-members of Antisect. They had a pretty experimental approach to music — loooong songs with elements of Hawkwind, Killing Joke, post punk, heavy metal… kinda like a prog version of Zygote maybe? They never released any studio recording. I've heard rumors of an unfinished demo but I have no idea if any of it is true… Or am I confusing this for the infamous incomplete 2nd Antisect album? Either way, I have 4 different live sets on cassette and picked this one pretty randomly as the sound is good (soundboard recording) and I happen to have the flyer for this specific show.

No tracklisting available so this is just one big soundfile.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GODZILLA - "Possessed" demo (1997)

Some of you might have heard of the French metal band Gojira, who are well established in mainstream metal circles now. Not my thing at all, but they started out as a pretty good straight up death metal band. They released a couple of demos under the Godzilla monicker before changing it to Gojira (which is the Japanese name for Godzilla, as you may know). Being from the same area, I got to know and see them early on. I was mightily impressed, they were so young yet so tight and creative — especially coming from a rural area that was not exactly a fertile ground for metal. "Possessed" is their second demo tape and you can guess Morbid Angel and "Human"-era Death were major influences at the time. The drummer Mario was about 15 when this was recorded, was self taught and had only been playing for a couple of years. No wonder he's such a beast now.

I just saw on their Discogs page that this demo was reissued on CD a decade ago. Oh well. This is taken from the actual demo tape. I will most likely post the first demo in the future.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LAWLESS - "Nite Of The Wolf" demo (2012)

I never visited Oakland, CA but I have this (distorted?) vision of it is from Eric Miles Williamson novels: a dirty, dangerous, and stinky place. Lawless hail from there and are a pretty acurate soundtrack to this representation of the city. Sick, ugly death metal from the gutters, whose motto is as blunt as you can get: "We do what the fuck we want. Bow to None." If this isn't enough to make you want to check them out, you may be reading the wrong blog. Featuring members of Acephalix and Vastum.

Monday, April 8, 2013

DISTURD - "Studio Trax" demo (2012)

Yes, the name Disturd is abysmal but blame it on the bad Engrish spoken by most Japanese punks and get over it 'cause this band rages harder than your own shitty band anyway. Formerly from Kobe but relocated to Tsuyama (or is it the other way around?), they're very similar to the almighty SDS (Societic Death Slaughter), churning out apocalyptic metallic crust to perfection— think late Antisect, Axegrinder, Sacrilege, etc. There's no info at all on the tape besides an email address, but I believe this 2-song cassette is only sold at shows. Even though I met their guitarist in Japan a couple of years ago, I never got to see them live, but my friend Momo was nice enough to grab this tape for me at a recent Disturd gig in Kyushu. It has a harsher recording than their recent 7"s, but it sounds damn great. Buy their records too!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ANTI-CIMEX - Live @ Leeds, UK 2nd July 1986

It is no secret that Anti-Cimex is one of the coolest punk bands ever. I endorse their entire discography, save for that terrible song "Scandinavian Jawbreaker Part 2" (what the hell were they thinking?) From their infamous 1986 UK tour, here's a rough audience recording of the Leeds gig. Jonsson sounds pretty drunk at times and I don't doubt he was. This is mostly for Cimex completists and die-hards. Bootleggers fuck off!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Don't be fooled by the name, this ain't no grindcore. Malicious Grind was an excellent Southern California hardcore crossover band from the golden era of the crossover subgenre with pretty varied songwriting and alternating male/female vocals. They later released a 12" on the French label New Wave Records that I don't own but remember to be subpar to this tape. Bassist/vocalist Ingrid Baumgart was also a member of Bulimia Banquet if that rings a bell to anyone.

Friday, April 5, 2013

SEMEN - "Masas Obedientes Individuos Dominantes" demo (2009)

¡Joder! I was lucky to witness Semen live on their home turf of Bilbao, Euskadi (that's Basque Country for you) in 2009 right before they broke up, and they kicked ass. Sloppy, straight forward, d-beat driven hardcore punk in the true tradition of Discharge-worshipping Spanish bands — MG-15 or Destrucción being the obvious suspects here. The Destrucción comparison is especially true, as the demo ends with a cover version of their classic tune "Makineros Hijos De Puta", and the artwork featured in the awesome booklet that came with the tape is somewhat reminiscent of Teodoro's drawings.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

NEKROFILTH - "Filling My Blood With Poison..." demo (2008)

I can't really hang with Nekrofilth's piss-drenched atmosphere — too much fecal matter and sexual perversion for my own good, although I expect GG Allin fans to be all over this. The music, on the other hand, rips. This three-piece from Cleveland, Ohio has a couple of recordings under its belt. If you ask me, this is not exactly their strongest release. If you're new to the band, I'd suggest you check out the Worship Destruction 12" and split LP with Nun Slaughter first (both of which were originally issued as demos I believe?), two releases reminding me heavily of proto death metal gods Slaughter (Canada) with some Repulsion thrown in for good measure. If the GBH cover song isn't indicative enough, Filling My Blood With Poison is probably their punkest recording. This is a 2013 limited reprint on Home Taping Cruelties from Germany. Dog knows what the weirdos behind the label drenched the cover in (goat blood? puke?…), but I'm not sure I wanna know: this shit smells like hell. Thankfully this digital rip will save me from pulling it out too often and getting sick from the stench.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LOS CRUDOS - Live @ Bordeaux, France. 13th Dec. 1996

This one's for the diehards. Or the locals. A very rough audience recording of Los Crudos' show here in Bordeaux, France back in 1996. This tape hasn't be heard by more than a handful of people so far, for good reason I guess. Martin's vocals are way too buried in the mix... and barely audible by the end of the tape. But I swear you can hear me talk between songs at some point. Haha. The tape stops during the first encore song too, sorry about that.

Local heroes Öpstand opened for Los Crudos that night, and they even got to play twice (in case you wanna know, that's because the Crudos guys were wandering in the streets of Bordeaux while Öpstand were playing. Back to the venue they were super pissed they missed them and urged them to play again). I have both sets on that same tape, one of which ended up on the Öpstand discography CD. The other set is basically the same songs, but if there is demand I'll be happy to digitize it some day. This line up of Öpstand with Bruno (ex-Aspro 5000) drumming never recorded anything and didn't play more than a couple of shows.

But I digress... I didn't take the time to figure out the setlist so that's one large soundfile. Feel free to break down the tracklist if you feel like it, I'm sure some people would appreciate.

Last but not least, I'm proud to say that more than 16 years later, some friends and I are still booking DIY hardcore punk shows at this same venue. Old punks never die.

Monday, April 1, 2013

SAUNA - "Ei Leiki" demo (1991)

Sauna was an early '90s Swedish käng punk band. All I can remember is that one member (Pjär) went on to join 3-Way Cum, although I'm sure they must have shared personnel with other bands. They did a split LP with Disrupt but this demo is their true gem, much heavier and far more punishing. This downtuned aural assault is in league with the most brutal Swedish hardcore bands of yesteryear such as Svart Parad or Bombanfall, with vocals bordering on death metal growls. Coincidentally there is a Two Moons Rising cover song on this — Bombanfall if you prefer. The demo was released on Crash Mag Records who also released a couple of very underrated EPs in my opinion (Bombraid, No Admission...)

The tracklist displayed on the demo cover is wrong so I fixed the song order.

CALL THE POLICE - "World Crashing In" demo (2002)

Call The Police was a short lived hardcore punk band from Portland, OR, USA that released a solid LP on Feral Ward, although this demo was their best material in my opinion (a few tracks were re-recorded for the LP.) The song title "1984 In 2002" is probably a nod to Special Duties and gives an insight of what the band was heading for, taking inspiration from UK 82 punk from the Riot City / No Future roster but also adding a fair dose of old American punk — check out the intro to "Grind To Freedom" and tell me it doesn't remind you of one of the most famous US punk songs of all times! For the record, the band had both Burdette brothers (of Tragedy and a million other bands fame) on guitar. The female vocalist was recently seen in Salted City (also featuring Grant of Talk Is Poison/Warcry) whose 7" from a couple of years back I urge you to check out – it's pretty similar in style and drive to Call The Police.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

INCARNIS - "Castigation" demo #2 (1992)

Kängnäve — The Return Of Laziness and Evil

Phew! It took a long time but I finally entered the 21st century digital age. Got the right cable, hooked up the stereo to the computer, and figured out how to use Audacity. Ladies and gents, time to dust and digitize the old cassette collection! I'll start with Incarnis, an early '90s demo-only death metal band from Virginia Beach, VA, USA who I used to write to (just noticed my name in the thanks list!) This is their second tape, recorded back in May 1992. Too bad this band never made it to vinyl, they were good. Not sure why or how this survived my cassette purge of the '90s, but I'm glad it did.

Every upload on here will be ripped at 320 kbps from my own collection. If you happen to be a (former) band member and want a link/post removed, just get in touch and I'll comply.