Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GENITAL DEFORMITIES - "Profession Of Violence" demo (UK, 199?)

Unlike the name suggests, Genital Deformities is far removed from a Carcass-like gore grind combo. Not sure exactly when this demo was recorded/released but I somewhat remember getting it in the mail circa 1990, or maybe '92, though this is a rough guess. Hazy memory doesn't get better with age. I'm pretty sure it follows the "Shag Nasty" LP, and it is also heaps more appealing if you ask me. It's dirty, grinding (not in a "blast beat" grind way though), political, guttural metallic crust/punk, the way only Brits know how to churn it out. Mandatory anti-Poll Tax song included! Not sure who these guys were but there was at least one Excrement Of War member involved. This tape was reissued a couple of years later on vinyl as a split LP with Nuclear Death (the Polish one, not Lori Bravo's infamous pioneering US death metal band). Do yourself a favor and check it out if you like your crust punk ugly and metal ridden… I know I do, and this bloody little ripper has been a personal favorite for over two decades.

GENITAL DEFORMITIES - Profession Of Violence demo (UK, 199?)


Anonymous said...

Hi Akerbeltz!
Probably you have seen it, but according to the site 'Spirit of Metal' this demo was released in 1992 (http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/discographie-groupe-Genital_Deformities-type-Albums-l-en.html).
Btw, nice blog, a lot of work involved.

Anonymous said...

thanx dear
i was looking forward to find this album, reminds me years ago on a cassete with hell krusher. Realy nice