Sunday, October 20, 2013

D.S.B. - "10 Raw Tracks" Demo (Japan, 2008)

A ten song affair released for Tokyo's D.S.B. 2008 European tour. Most songs are not excusive to this release and alternate versions can be found on their records, but this is a different recording so it's still an interesting document I guess. Got to see them twice on that tour and they were raging. Funny thing is I bumped into their drummer Eiji three years later at a show in Yokohama, Japan, and first thing he did was thanking me for letting him borrow my cymbals when we opened for them in France... 3 years earlier! That was so cute. He opened an all vegetarian falafel joint in Tokyo called Vespera (which is also the name of his current band), so make sure you hit it if you happen to visit Japan. But I digress… No need to introduce D.S.B., they were a seminal Japanese hardcore bands for over two decades, with a string of releases behind their belts ranging from solid to totally awesome. When digitizing the tape I realized that side B has a fairly better sound quality than side A. Not sure if all copies are like that, but hope you enjoy anyway. Radical Fight Back!

D.S.B. - 10 Raw Tracks Demo (Japan, 2008)

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