Monday, April 22, 2013

SHIT SMELL - "Wasted Life!" demo (Sweden, 1994)

This is a pretty obscure '90s Swedish fast and raw hardcore punk band I know next to nothing about. Sounds typically Swedish even though it's sung in English, and it's a little more diverse than your average d-takt / käng band — it could've been on just about any Really Fast compilation. With a name like Shit Smell and song titles like "Drunk Again", "My Dick Falling Off" or "Fuck Skinheads", don't expect super clever politically charged manifestos for lyrics… haha. Add to this a raw recording, tape hiss, and some of the ugliest and most minimal cover design ever… Aesthetes stay clear!


Tompa said...

Marko plays/played with Rajoitus and Abnorm after Shit Smell disbanded.

Anonymous said...

I was bass player with Shit Smell 1992-94.What period we did "Victim of War" Demo 1992 and "Wasted Life" Demo 1994 after what i left band.I think they did one more demo before they split up in 1995.Yes,what cover you have here was only made 15-20 copy´s and THEY SUCKS!!!Since what i have been in RAJOITUS 1992-2007 & 2010-????.Also was in ABNORM 1999-2009 (R.I.P.).Cheers.../Marko