Monday, June 17, 2013

DOOMSTONE - "Possessed Cemeteries" demo (USA, 1991)

I've always thought this Doomstone demo never got the recognition it deserved. Coming out right at the peak of the death metal explosion in 1991, it didn't meet many of the style criterias of the era: no Sunlight or Morrisound-like production, no super fast beats, no gore-drenched lyrics… And humorous stage names like Keeper Of The Brazilian Death Metal Albums (bass) or Cross-Turner Upside-Downer (drums) kept them from being lumped with the super serious Satanic panic to come (read: second wave black metal). Even though the vocals are deep and brutal as all hell, you can tell Doomstone's influences were firmly rooted in '80s (and even '70s) heavy metal culture. Not exactly surprising when you know the band shared two members with the excellent veteran death/thrash band Deceased. The first Doomstone album came out 3 years later but I had pretty much lost interest in death metal at that point so I can't even comment on that one. [Update: I got my hands on last year's vinyl reissue of the first Doomstone CD and I'm glad I did, it's every bit as excellent as the demo. Released by To The Death Records from Sweden. Get it!]

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded a song of this band by mistake looking for possessed in soulseek,
it`s awesome, thanks for posting