Monday, April 1, 2013

CALL THE POLICE - "World Crashing In" demo (2002)

Call The Police was a short lived hardcore punk band from Portland, OR, USA that released a solid LP on Feral Ward, although this demo was their best material in my opinion (a few tracks were re-recorded for the LP.) The song title "1984 In 2002" is probably a nod to Special Duties and gives an insight of what the band was heading for, taking inspiration from UK 82 punk from the Riot City / No Future roster but also adding a fair dose of old American punk — check out the intro to "Grind To Freedom" and tell me it doesn't remind you of one of the most famous US punk songs of all times! For the record, the band had both Burdette brothers (of Tragedy and a million other bands fame) on guitar. The female vocalist was recently seen in Salted City (also featuring Grant of Talk Is Poison/Warcry) whose 7" from a couple of years back I urge you to check out – it's pretty similar in style and drive to Call The Police.

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