Thursday, April 4, 2013

NEKROFILTH - "Filling My Blood With Poison..." demo (2008)

I can't really hang with Nekrofilth's piss-drenched atmosphere — too much fecal matter and sexual perversion for my own good, although I expect GG Allin fans to be all over this. The music, on the other hand, rips. This three-piece from Cleveland, Ohio has a couple of recordings under its belt. If you ask me, this is not exactly their strongest release. If you're new to the band, I'd suggest you check out the Worship Destruction 12" and split LP with Nun Slaughter first (both of which were originally issued as demos I believe?), two releases reminding me heavily of proto death metal gods Slaughter (Canada) with some Repulsion thrown in for good measure. If the GBH cover song isn't indicative enough, Filling My Blood With Poison is probably their punkest recording. This is a 2013 limited reprint on Home Taping Cruelties from Germany. Dog knows what the weirdos behind the label drenched the cover in (goat blood? puke?…), but I'm not sure I wanna know: this shit smells like hell. Thankfully this digital rip will save me from pulling it out too often and getting sick from the stench.


Anonymous said...

So funny a P.C. warrior like you post this Un-P.C. garbage on your blog ! LOL !

Akerbeltz said...

"P.C. warrior", wow, that's giving me a lot of credit, Mr. Anonymous! I'll make sure I flagellate myself for betraying my warlords. ;)