Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LOS CRUDOS - Live @ Bordeaux, France. 13th Dec. 1996

This one's for the diehards. Or the locals. A very rough audience recording of Los Crudos' show here in Bordeaux, France back in 1996. This tape hasn't be heard by more than a handful of people so far, for good reason I guess. Martin's vocals are way too buried in the mix... and barely audible by the end of the tape. But I swear you can hear me talk between songs at some point. Haha. The tape stops during the first encore song too, sorry about that.

Local heroes Öpstand opened for Los Crudos that night, and they even got to play twice (in case you wanna know, that's because the Crudos guys were wandering in the streets of Bordeaux while Öpstand were playing. Back to the venue they were super pissed they missed them and urged them to play again). I have both sets on that same tape, one of which ended up on the Öpstand discography CD. The other set is basically the same songs, but if there is demand I'll be happy to digitize it some day. This line up of Öpstand with Bruno (ex-Aspro 5000) drumming never recorded anything and didn't play more than a couple of shows.

But I digress... I didn't take the time to figure out the setlist so that's one large soundfile. Feel free to break down the tracklist if you feel like it, I'm sure some people would appreciate.

Last but not least, I'm proud to say that more than 16 years later, some friends and I are still booking DIY hardcore punk shows at this same venue. Old punks never die.


Anonymous said...

ouais je me rappelle... j'etais reste dehors.
15 francs c'est trop cher!


lubic said...

c'était avec peu être?
t'as pas l'enregistrement du leur?

Akerbeltz said...

Oui, Peu Être jouaient aussi ce soir-là mais désolé, j'ai seulement les enregistrements de Crudos et Öpstand.